Operations Division

Rialto PD Captain Mark Adams



The Rialto Police Department's Operations Division is headed by a captain. 

First-line supervisors, which hold the rank of sergeant, ensure the department's mission is completed, and each bureau, unit, team, and program are operated in accordance to the division commanders direction.


Bureaus are sections within a division that have a specific objective.

The Rialto Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for handling complex criminal investigations beyond the initial efforts of law enforcement field personnel. Some of the cases handled by detectives include homicides, serious assaults, sex crimes, reports of elder or child abuse, robberies, burglaries, frauds, and other thefts. These investigative efforts include the gathering of information, interviewing involved parties, collecting evidence, recovery of stolen property, arresting offenders, and bringing criminal cases to successful prosecution and conclusion. They are accomplished through the ongoing relationships and collaborative efforts of personnel throughout the law enforcement community, as well as other professionals in both public and private sectors, and private citizens.


Teams and units are smaller, specialized groups of officers and other personnel who work in a specialized field.


The Rialto Police Department's Bike Patrol Team is a highly effective and pro-active policing tool. The team participates in numerous anti-crime efforts and provided security for several community and downtown events. The team currently consists of five specially trained officers. Each officer had to attend an arduous week-long training course where they learned how to traverse stairs, maneuver through obstacles, chase fleeing criminals and use the bike to gain a tactical advantage on criminals.

The Rialto Police Department’s Bike Team has received tremendous financial support from several businesses within the community. These businesses have generously contributed over $20,000 dollars to purchase bikes and other needed equipment. Due to their generous contributions, the Rialto Police Department’s Bike Team is equipped with the best bikes and equipment money can buy.


Programs address specific problems and community issues and provide a framework for how those topics are handled.


The Area Commander Program is responsible for those areas which directly influence the quality of life for the residents and businesses in Rialto. In addition to enforcing the laws of our society, the Police Department believes it is equally important to maintain and develop positive relationships with all members of the community. The Area Commander Program is one of many innovative examples of the Rialto Police Department's "Commitment to Community."

The Rialto Police Department’s Area Commander Program is working to provide a safe and secure environment for the community. The utilization of proactive community based policing concepts, problem solving principles, technology, and effective crime fighting strategies are just part of the programs overall plan.

The Rialto Police Department subscribes to the concepts of "evidence-based policing." "Evidence-based policing" is the use of the best available research on the outcomes of police work to implement guidelines and evaluate agencies, units, and officers. It suggests that just doing research is not enough and that proactive efforts are required to push accumulated research evidence into practice through national and community guidelines. These guidelines can then focus in-house evaluations on what works best across agencies, units, victims, and officers.

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