The Rialto Police Department Parking Enforcement Program is a vital component of the Traffic Unit. This program was established to ensure that parking violations and other related complaints and/or problems are handled in a timely fashion. This is accomplished through education and enforcement. Activities performed by the parking enforcement officers will include:

•    Patrol designated areas and enforce City Ordinances
•    Patrol designated areas and enforce the California Vehicle Code   
•    Issue citations to vehicles parked illegally; loading zone violations, no-parking zones, fire lane violations etc
•    Appear in court to testify against parking violators if necessary
•    Public relations; interpret parking regulations / procedures and explain same to the public 

Abandoned vehicles are subject to citation. Vehicles reported as abandoned will generally be marked and left tagged for the required 72 hours prior to receiving a citation. Signs of an abandoned vehicle:

•    Vandalized vehicles
•    Cobwebs extending to the roadway
•    Dirt and debris gathered under the vehicle
•    Or other signs that the vehicle might be inoperable

When calling in to report an abandoned vehicle please have the following:

•    Exact location of vehicle (address or nearest cross streets)
•    Vehicle description (make, model, color)
•    License plate number (if available)

To report a parking problem or illegally parked vehicle, please call 909-820-2550.