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What is CrimeMapping.com?

CrimeMapping.com has been developed to help law enforcement agencies throughout North America provide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity by neighborhood. The goal is to assist police departments in reducing crime through a better informed citizenry. Creating more self reliance among community members is a great benefit to community oriented policing efforts everywhere. Any member of the public can also sign up to Receive Crime Alerts. This additional service is free and provides customized reports via e-mail to any subscriber.

The Rialto Police Department is committed to not only proving the community with the most dedicated and professional law enforcement agency, but also providing timely information that strengthens community policing efforts which in turn reduces crime. The information available through Crimemapping.com is as current as possible; updated every 24 hours. The date range for crimes displayed represents the last ninety (90) days of activity.

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