Traffic Unit


The Rialto Police Department Traffic Unit has two primary responsibilities. The unit investigates traffic collisions and all traffic related crimes, and strives to reduce highway deaths, injuries, and property damage through enforcement.

Officers in this unit use a variety of sophisticated equipment in the investigation of serious accidents. Our officers use land surveying equipment and complex computer mapping systems to generate precise factual diagrams of collision scenes. These diagrams are used to determine vehicle speeds and directions of travel. Complex algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric calculations are performed during the course of the investigations. In order to better understand and investigate collisions, skilled traffic officers are trained and educated in various field of science, including kinetics and Newtonian physics.

During 2011 the Rialto Police Department obtained grant funds from the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) for several programs to included, a comprehensive DUI reduction program, DUI checkpoint operations, and seat belt enforcement operations. In addition, the Traffic Unit conducted several presentations (programs) at local schools to include "Safety City" and "Teen Driver Awareness." Traffic personnel became involved in a countywide DUI program called Avoid the 25, which is comprised of 25 San Bernardino County agencies that collectively work together targeting DUI offenders. This program is also sponsored by The Office of Traffic Safety.


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