City Sourced

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The Rialto Police Department has begun utilizing an innovative crime fighting tool that allows citizens to report crimes, code enforcement violations, and city maintenance problems directly to the concerned city agency in real time and receive information on how those problems are resolved on their cell phone, tablet, or computer.

The program, known as “City Sourced” is an app that can be downloaded on most mobile devices. Citizens who spot crime activity, code enforcement violations, or activity requiring City Maintenance attention, can simply take a photo of the activity and send it directly to the concerned agency.

Information that is received is reviewed and the appropriate department will work to resolve the issue. Upon completion, the citizen is sent a response that details how the problem was resolved.

Some key benefits of the City Sourced app program are:

- The removal of guesswork with service requests: the agency can actually see what is being reported.

- Citizens enjoy improved transparency, increased feedback, and efficient delivery of service.

- Allows agencies to increase their productivity while more efficiently using manpower.

Acquiring the City Sourced app is quick and easy. Simply go to your device’s app provider and type in City Sourced to search for the app. When you see the City Sourced app bearing the Rialto P.D. patch, simply download the free app and you are done.