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CodeRed is a high-speed telephone Emergency Notification Service which will allow the Police Department staff to deliver pre-recorded emergency messages by phone to targeted areas or throughout the entire City. This fast and efficient service will allow Rialto residents and business owners who register their contact information with CodeRed to receive emergency information in the event of a major disaster or emergency. The CodeRed system comes with a limited information database but the Rialto Police Department is asking all residents and business owners to register with CodeRed to ensure maximum distribution of emergency information in the event the system is ever utilized. The CodeRed registration is for Rialto RESIDENTS and BUSINESSES only. If you are not a City of Rialto resident, please contact your local Emergency Manager (through your local police or fire department) to inquire about your city's mass notification system and the procedures for registering. CodeRed Weather Warning is an additional notification system designed to deliver weather alerts after warnings are issued by the National Weather Service (NWS). This system functions the same as the emergency notification system and is also available to all Rialto residents. To register for either alert system, please click here:CodeRED® Emergency Notification System